Wednesday, March 11, 2009


nothing to do ..jz comin to my mind zappppp......


They were destiny to be together….

He’s goergous, she’s pretty

They have a great life , good job, big house and fancy cars

They life part from each other

But, they’ve meet before

25 years ago……….

In A TRAGIC incident

That’s all when it’s all started .

No matter where they were ,

Even no matter they already have a love life

They were destiny to be together

Good or worst

Life involves around them

Was that good or bad

Can they overcome the fate that made by man

Will they be together or…………………

Will they hurt their love ones.

Name : Marry Anne Joseph

Age : 20

Occpation : Housewife

Spouse : James Andrew

That man was drunk !! He killed my wife!!He killed her!! Ohhh nooooooooo….. my baby! My baby ..I want to see her!!! James Andrew was crying like mad. He wasn’t allowed to see his baby because of his condition .

I’m sorry Mr.Andrew..your wife is gone. She lost lots of blood, but we manage to save your baby . It was a baby girl . Be strong !! The doctor went away.

From far, there were 2 policemen coming towards James

Ohhhhhh Marry………MARRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name : Jesline Daniel

Age : 28

Father: Mr. George Michael

Spouse : Mr. Davic Schum

Siblings : Kerry Daniel,Marry Daniel

Plsss Marry ! Don’t be stupid. You will only breakr father’s heart . He has high blood pressure !! Don’t act stupid. We all love you !! We do.

Marry was crying while Kerry is persuading her.

Let her do what she wants !! From now on, you will no longer be part of this family .. Tears came out from Marry’s eyes . She then leave………….

Fine!!! Till the end of my life , I pray you will never come to my funeral!!

Nama : Annabelle James

Age : 4

Aunt JEsline, where are you going ? Please don’t leave me..

Don’t wory dear, grandpa will look after you from now on..

I love you……… Tears

You are lucky Andrew,you have such a lovely daughter . She has her mother’s look. Very fair and fine good looking young girl.

‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ . How do you define that? Ann- Well , I will fall for that person no matter what to reveal the trust .

Dammmnnn.. Bullshit!! He’s innocent !! You are making up stories so that we’ll hate him .

Marry..marry please listen to me..

Look at me love

We have no choice



To be continue…. whooozzzzzzzzz

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