Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm gonna smile like nothings wrong
Talk like everything perfect
act like it's juz a dream
and pretend like its nt hurting me ...

a shoulder to cry on

myself is my shoulder to cry on n a place i coax myself bcz i hv 'nobody' , i hv my mama, n frnds .. but......
y r ppl doing this to me after what i've done for them . i'm tired telling myslf .
y r ppl always hurts me .y......? it hurts so much . i'm so hurt ,i wish ..........

Friday, March 27, 2009


Beauty from outside and inside . People would go all the troubled and money just to look pretty from an outside . I believe most of us do .

Monday, March 23, 2009


Love is painful that is true not to love is painful too;
but there is a greater pain: to love and not be loved again

I did it!!

Yeap..yes .I did it. I.... DID.......IT.....! yeah hell I did it!!.. doubt.
It took me a lot of guds to tell em' . Relief....... I feel like in small box almost suffocated and now I will rise..hahaha ..

Nah,juz glad at last those words came out from my mouth .Actually I dunt mind doing everything by myself .

I should learn to share responsibilities . I can’t live in the outside world if I’m selfish/stupid .

TODAY – collective responsibility

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Dearest .....

At this point , I’ve understand certain things that happpens in our relationship . Many things have change throughout the years . No matter how , I still believe our love will remain ..we still love each other even we’ve change . But , I always expect more from you..always..all the time , and it’s not fair for you . I’ve started to understand now.. saying is much more easier than doing it . Is understanding is enough in a relationship.. ?? i’m confused .

TODAY – LOVE is not all about me n LOVE is not everything .



Am I hypocrite ? Are you a hypocrite person ? How would you consider a person to be hypocrite ? Let me answer all these questions before I go deep furher .

I believe I’m not such a hypocrite person because it is too mean for me to consider myself that way . As if I’m pretending not to have some values , belief , feelings or in other word ..insincerity . And yeap is so frustrating when you’ve been called a ‘HYPOCRITE’ , especially when your loved one who said that .

I feel so sad , so damm sad .....

But , sometimes I did pretent to be who I’m not .. I prested because of a few reasons .. I guess tats a white hypocrite..huhu..juzt like a ‘white lie’ .It’s good when there are people who stand out and tell you the truft .So..what kind of person I am if I couldt be critized ...

TODAY – think deep...deep.. n deeperrrrrrrr

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


nothing to do ..jz comin to my mind zappppp......


They were destiny to be together….

He’s goergous, she’s pretty

They have a great life , good job, big house and fancy cars

They life part from each other

But, they’ve meet before

25 years ago……….

In A TRAGIC incident

That’s all when it’s all started .

No matter where they were ,

Even no matter they already have a love life

They were destiny to be together

Good or worst

Life involves around them

Was that good or bad

Can they overcome the fate that made by man

Will they be together or…………………

Will they hurt their love ones.

Name : Marry Anne Joseph

Age : 20

Occpation : Housewife

Spouse : James Andrew

That man was drunk !! He killed my wife!!He killed her!! Ohhh nooooooooo….. my baby! My baby ..I want to see her!!! James Andrew was crying like mad. He wasn’t allowed to see his baby because of his condition .

I’m sorry Mr.Andrew..your wife is gone. She lost lots of blood, but we manage to save your baby . It was a baby girl . Be strong !! The doctor went away.

From far, there were 2 policemen coming towards James

Ohhhhhh Marry………MARRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name : Jesline Daniel

Age : 28

Father: Mr. George Michael

Spouse : Mr. Davic Schum

Siblings : Kerry Daniel,Marry Daniel

Plsss Marry ! Don’t be stupid. You will only breakr father’s heart . He has high blood pressure !! Don’t act stupid. We all love you !! We do.

Marry was crying while Kerry is persuading her.

Let her do what she wants !! From now on, you will no longer be part of this family .. Tears came out from Marry’s eyes . She then leave………….

Fine!!! Till the end of my life , I pray you will never come to my funeral!!

Nama : Annabelle James

Age : 4

Aunt JEsline, where are you going ? Please don’t leave me..

Don’t wory dear, grandpa will look after you from now on..

I love you……… Tears

You are lucky Andrew,you have such a lovely daughter . She has her mother’s look. Very fair and fine good looking young girl.

‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ . How do you define that? Ann- Well , I will fall for that person no matter what to reveal the trust .

Dammmnnn.. Bullshit!! He’s innocent !! You are making up stories so that we’ll hate him .

Marry..marry please listen to me..

Look at me love

We have no choice



To be continue…. whooozzzzzzzzz

lOVE poEM..againnn

I stopped writing poems years ago . Well, I’m not a poetic person , but there were times when I just grab my pen and wrote what were in my mind . Just for fun.Sometimes the idea keep on flowing from my mind for no reason . But, that hardly happent. Just once in a blue moon .

I want to share my latest poems . I wrote that a month ago. Actually , my friend read the poem and she said it was OK. So, I guess maybe I can share it with you guys..

My dear love,

I didnt realize

When did you cast the spell of love

I only knew when

I keep on missing you the next day

I keep denying this feeling

But it keeps on growing and flowering

I cried for missing you,

I cried for lovin you,

Is there anything wrong??

Then why should I cry??

The answer is too complicated

How do we meet?

It was a twist of fate between you and me

And I thank god for that

Together we hold the oppurtunity

But together we were fighting

Figthing to let go the oppurtunity that

might cause us despair in future .

But this twist of fate that makes my life shines

and it will remain as precious as a treasure !

mY 1st eVer poEms

mY 1st ever poem went I was madly in Love . Too bad it was love at one side ..yeap.. plus it was a long distance relationship .

Let me figure this out…,

It wasn’t love at first sight…

You are the 110th person that night

You can be my b/f yes u might..

But i’m to shy damn it..

It’s so fate of twist..

Again and again it’s not right…

I made a choice bt it didnt turn out that night

I made a choice bt it didnt turn out right

I walked a long the street

Cracking up what to do ..alright..

Forgo and forget..

Bt shit..shit.shitt..

U come again and visit

Arrghh damn u *****

Driving iS dRIvINg mE cRAzY

yUp.. it's driving me cRaZy
yOu should see me facE today
i almost cried..sop3x
i was scolded by my driving instructer
i get so tense n scared everytime i'm on the road

bt i know he means well
he juzt wants me to learn
learn n learn n learn
he always told me
don't get bored to learn

n tq anyway
i learn something valueble
everytime I make a mistake

I hope I can pass my pre-test tomorrw.
wish me luck Ok..

TODAY - it's already late nite ..juz wanna have a good sleep .

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have a new scarf.

Hi there, I'm back again . It's raining out there and I'm all alone by myself . Seriously nothing to do and nothing need to be done . Today as usual , I wake up early 6.45 the morning to take my shower and cooked fried rice for luch . Went to class at 8.00 but

there's no class until 9.00 pm . In the meantime, Z bought me hmm.. I would say so a gift . It is beatiful with all the blend pastel colours of flowers motive. Hmm..TQ DEAR . Love you so much . He

bought it from our coursemate.She was selling the scarfs like hot cakes.

Later after class we went to mcd and have 2 choco top . It tasted so YUMMY ..huhu because the wheather was so hot this afternoon and it was perfect to have ice-cream at that time.

So, here I am , all alone..wondering what to do later. Still energetic because I took Chorophll to boost up my energy . Ok guys, I'll go figure out what to do after this .Catha later .

TODAY - Harmony inside me...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Beef Fried Rice

Alloo...tonight i'm preparing beef fried rice for my bf ;-) for tomorrow's luch . It's my routine to cook during night time so that we ( me and my bf) don't have to buy an outside food for tomorrow . Cooking our own meal is better than buying an outside food as we don't hygene level of the food. Plus it's much more healthier bla..bla..bla.. hahahah...(yeah right), compare outside foof that used a lot of msg .

This is one of his favourite food indeed . He loved it so much and he told me that the taste is complete..huhuhu i'm flattered . Yeap I do.. And for you guys outside there , compliment is one of the best thing to say your girlfriend. Trust me .. Everytime he told me that he loves my cooking . i'm so glad.. HAPPY GIRL.. ;-) . It is like an appreciation for me . I just don't know how to describe further .. I'll bet you guys know how I feel .

TODAY - Do my best tonight!!


Today i feel so lazy...hu3. It was raining all day and I just don't have the mood to do anything . But I do have works to be done such as my assignments and ISL task . Hmmm... I need something to boost me up . I guess I should do some checklist what should I do for this entire week..hahahaha..yeah right . Well, no harm doing it .

  • Ensembel
  • Pengukuran dan Penilaian
  • Social studies
  • Bahasa Muzik Lanjutan 2
  • Pendidikan Muzik Tahun 5 dan 6

  • Rph (social studies)
  • Conclusion for chapter 4
MQA is coming this month , I need to prepare and compile all the ISL task . It's so messy right now . It's not the work ,it's me getting messy . I need to start to all my work starting from tomorrow. I'Allah .

TODAY - Done what need to be done!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Me Love My Darling

Love is not blind at all . If you were meant to be with him/her , you know that it is the best for you . It shows that love is no blind . Then why should people say that 'Love is Blind' . Is it because love is blind when -

  • your partner is better than you
  • your partner is perfect than you
  • your partner doesnt match you physically or mentally
Well, here's the thing , no matter how it was , love is a feeling that Allah has given to each of us . The feeling that only appear to certain people such as our parents, family members , relatives , and other people . It is such a beatiful feeling . It is a gift is a bless . God has created each person with their partner . When the time has come for you to meet you soulmate , you will feel the beautiful feeling that you won't feel easily .Therefore , love and treasure your partner .

I have my special ones. My loved ones . Eventhough we have some differences in some aspects but we loved each other .

White and black... ups and downs... we all do understand what that does mean . It depends on our judgement and thought . Let me introduce myself as UPSIDEDOWN . Ordinary person.. hmm.. all people consider themself as ordinary . Am I that 'ORDINARY' . I guess i'm quite complicated at certain points .
  • I'm a sad person..yup
  • I'm the happiest person.. yeap
  • I'm incomplete.. hmmm...
  • I'm not perfect.. ya..ya..

I AM SIMPLE . More to myself .

TODAY : I wish I could be better .........

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