Monday, March 9, 2009


Today i feel so lazy...hu3. It was raining all day and I just don't have the mood to do anything . But I do have works to be done such as my assignments and ISL task . Hmmm... I need something to boost me up . I guess I should do some checklist what should I do for this entire week..hahahaha..yeah right . Well, no harm doing it .

  • Ensembel
  • Pengukuran dan Penilaian
  • Social studies
  • Bahasa Muzik Lanjutan 2
  • Pendidikan Muzik Tahun 5 dan 6

  • Rph (social studies)
  • Conclusion for chapter 4
MQA is coming this month , I need to prepare and compile all the ISL task . It's so messy right now . It's not the work ,it's me getting messy . I need to start to all my work starting from tomorrow. I'Allah .

TODAY - Done what need to be done!!!

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