Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have a new scarf.

Hi there, I'm back again . It's raining out there and I'm all alone by myself . Seriously nothing to do and nothing need to be done . Today as usual , I wake up early 6.45 the morning to take my shower and cooked fried rice for luch . Went to class at 8.00 but

there's no class until 9.00 pm . In the meantime, Z bought me hmm.. I would say so a gift . It is beatiful with all the blend pastel colours of flowers motive. Hmm..TQ DEAR . Love you so much . He

bought it from our coursemate.She was selling the scarfs like hot cakes.

Later after class we went to mcd and have 2 choco top . It tasted so YUMMY ..huhu because the wheather was so hot this afternoon and it was perfect to have ice-cream at that time.

So, here I am , all alone..wondering what to do later. Still energetic because I took Chorophll to boost up my energy . Ok guys, I'll go figure out what to do after this .Catha later .

TODAY - Harmony inside me...

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