Monday, March 9, 2009

Beef Fried Rice

Alloo...tonight i'm preparing beef fried rice for my bf ;-) for tomorrow's luch . It's my routine to cook during night time so that we ( me and my bf) don't have to buy an outside food for tomorrow . Cooking our own meal is better than buying an outside food as we don't hygene level of the food. Plus it's much more healthier bla..bla..bla.. hahahah...(yeah right), compare outside foof that used a lot of msg .

This is one of his favourite food indeed . He loved it so much and he told me that the taste is complete..huhuhu i'm flattered . Yeap I do.. And for you guys outside there , compliment is one of the best thing to say your girlfriend. Trust me .. Everytime he told me that he loves my cooking . i'm so glad.. HAPPY GIRL.. ;-) . It is like an appreciation for me . I just don't know how to describe further .. I'll bet you guys know how I feel .

TODAY - Do my best tonight!!

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