Wednesday, March 11, 2009

mY 1st eVer poEms

mY 1st ever poem went I was madly in Love . Too bad it was love at one side ..yeap.. plus it was a long distance relationship .

Let me figure this out…,

It wasn’t love at first sight…

You are the 110th person that night

You can be my b/f yes u might..

But i’m to shy damn it..

It’s so fate of twist..

Again and again it’s not right…

I made a choice bt it didnt turn out that night

I made a choice bt it didnt turn out right

I walked a long the street

Cracking up what to do ..alright..

Forgo and forget..

Bt shit..shit.shitt..

U come again and visit

Arrghh damn u *****

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