Sunday, March 8, 2009

Me Love My Darling

Love is not blind at all . If you were meant to be with him/her , you know that it is the best for you . It shows that love is no blind . Then why should people say that 'Love is Blind' . Is it because love is blind when -

  • your partner is better than you
  • your partner is perfect than you
  • your partner doesnt match you physically or mentally
Well, here's the thing , no matter how it was , love is a feeling that Allah has given to each of us . The feeling that only appear to certain people such as our parents, family members , relatives , and other people . It is such a beatiful feeling . It is a gift is a bless . God has created each person with their partner . When the time has come for you to meet you soulmate , you will feel the beautiful feeling that you won't feel easily .Therefore , love and treasure your partner .

I have my special ones. My loved ones . Eventhough we have some differences in some aspects but we loved each other .


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