Wednesday, March 11, 2009

lOVE poEM..againnn

I stopped writing poems years ago . Well, I’m not a poetic person , but there were times when I just grab my pen and wrote what were in my mind . Just for fun.Sometimes the idea keep on flowing from my mind for no reason . But, that hardly happent. Just once in a blue moon .

I want to share my latest poems . I wrote that a month ago. Actually , my friend read the poem and she said it was OK. So, I guess maybe I can share it with you guys..

My dear love,

I didnt realize

When did you cast the spell of love

I only knew when

I keep on missing you the next day

I keep denying this feeling

But it keeps on growing and flowering

I cried for missing you,

I cried for lovin you,

Is there anything wrong??

Then why should I cry??

The answer is too complicated

How do we meet?

It was a twist of fate between you and me

And I thank god for that

Together we hold the oppurtunity

But together we were fighting

Figthing to let go the oppurtunity that

might cause us despair in future .

But this twist of fate that makes my life shines

and it will remain as precious as a treasure !

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