Saturday, March 21, 2009



Am I hypocrite ? Are you a hypocrite person ? How would you consider a person to be hypocrite ? Let me answer all these questions before I go deep furher .

I believe I’m not such a hypocrite person because it is too mean for me to consider myself that way . As if I’m pretending not to have some values , belief , feelings or in other word ..insincerity . And yeap is so frustrating when you’ve been called a ‘HYPOCRITE’ , especially when your loved one who said that .

I feel so sad , so damm sad .....

But , sometimes I did pretent to be who I’m not .. I prested because of a few reasons .. I guess tats a white hypocrite..huhu..juzt like a ‘white lie’ .It’s good when there are people who stand out and tell you the truft .So..what kind of person I am if I couldt be critized ...

TODAY – think deep...deep.. n deeperrrrrrrr

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