Friday, May 15, 2009

what should us judge???

This is a common line we heard all the time -

But, at certain point , i truly believe first impression last you know .

1. The Way you carry yourself
2. Your Dress-up
3. The way you express yourself
4. Your Mannerism
5. Your Behavior
6. Your Communication
7. The way you treat the other person

At that point ,we can see the contradiction ..hmm . So, which is which? Would you judge me as rude forever if i lost my mannerism ? or would you hate me all my life for being critical ???

As i go further , I learn more abt judging other people , that personality is what we should judge instead of human facial layout all the time . Beauty is only skin deep.You might look physically perfect in ours eyes , but your personality would not say so ... therefore , think about it. Try to be perfect in and out .

TODAY : I want to be beautiful inside because it know thats the real shine.

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