Sunday, May 31, 2009

how to cheer up yourself if you miss someone?

If you miss someone who is far from you , the most you can do is text or call them . Or, the least you can do , make yourself busy with other stuff , so that you won't miss em' too much . Especially if you miss your special ones.. hi3. Normally , I would take a glimpse back at our old pics n listen to our songs. It's easy ya know to detect my sensual mood. That actually happens if i haven't seen him in 2 days. Memang agak rindu . And now , school holidays just started..i guess i'll be missing him on and off for the next 3 weeks .

Once in a blue moon I did miss my form 6 friends. Miss lah those moments we were sharing together . We all do stuff together . Yeap, coz there are only 14 of us. 7 boys n girls . And now everybody has their own life . And I'm proud of them . They are just as succesful as me..hu3..nah.. They are smarter n better than me. All of them doing engineering and stuff to do with biology.. good for them coz tat was what we took in form 6..PURE SCIENCE. But I guess i dont have the heart for it. Really I am glad for em . 2 of em is now persuing their master . And ada yang dah kerja n still belajar. I hope we could gather someday .And as usual, I always yang kena buli..hahaha.. i miss tat lah.. Kadang2 rindu n feels like wanna hang out , but ada kemalasan yang melanda .he3...

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