Thursday, April 23, 2009

Purple is My Colour

Color Personality Purple
Purple is the color of spirituality.
Purple personalities are always striving to be better than they consider themselves to be, both on a spiritual, emotional and a mental plane.
Needing more knowledge, they become avid readers. Trying to become what they think they should be, they search their own lives and the lives of others to find the answers.
The study of all religions make them feel as if they are accomplishing something bigger than themselves in life. A good theological discussion is right up their alley. Wanting to help as many souls as they can, they are more than willing to give you the benefit of their education.
Trying to achieve perfection, they seem to struggle with themselves more than most because they tend to be so critical of themselves.
The muted shades of purple can be religious zealots who know what God wants for themselves as well as everyone else. In their way of thinking, they are the ones put here to enforce religion for God. These people can be just a little frightening when they start searching for their holy grail.
The deeper shades of purple show someone working hard to find inner peace and love not only of their fellow man and themselves but of a higher power who many consider God.
Purple personalities make good friends because they always give first of themselves. Generally they do not ask much for themselves but some negative purples could be self martyred. This comes from the fact that when they do finally ask for something from a friend, they may do so in such a way as the person they are asking did not understand.
When they do not receive the item which they requested, they turn silent and think of themselves as the only one who works in the relationship, thereby becoming the martyrs they think themselves to be.

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